First time user. Problem choosing scenario


I read great things about php storm so I decided to try it out. I just downloaded it, installed it and created a project with exisiting sources. This is where I am having difficulty.
Note: I have a virtual machine running ubuntu server while I am running  win7 which has a Mapped networked drive to a folder in the virtual  machine through samba.

I chose the option: "Web server is on remote host, files are accessible via network share or mounted drive."

Ok so the next step asks for the name and a "Project local path".
But why local path? The files are accessible via network share, there is no need to download anything.

I enter a folder name (just to get to the next step) and in the next step "Add remote server" I just don't understand what you want here.
The "upload/download project files" just doesn't make sense and I am never able to see my network share folder on your custom select folder dialog -> (The drive letter missing is Z)

Basically I am a bit lost with your options. I have tried other ides like eclipse, netbeans, nusphere phped  and never had such problems when creating projects.

What am I missing here?
Hope you guys can help,


PS: I also tried the quick start option "Open directory" and I still don't see my network drive. I do see it on windows explorer and on other ides.

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Hi Antonio,

The fact that you do not see network drives tells me that you have chosen to run PhpStorm straight from Installer. That's a known issue related to the way how UAC works (Installer runs with Administrator rights, so the PhpStorm: ). If you exit PhpStorm and launch it again (via shortcut on desktop or Start menu) you will see those drives.

In any case: what you are trying to do is not officially supported (although works OK most of the time). Whole IDEA platform relies on fast access to your project files (HDD, SSD even better) which not always the case with mapped network drives (virtual or physical) -- you may experience some random lags because of network-associated latency (especially with code completion and search functionality) and similar weird stuff (happens sometimes). If you still want to run this way you have to choose "My project is local" (or something like that -- don't remember exact wording) so PhpStorm with work with those files directly.

Official and recommended way is to keep a local copy of your project on your local disk and setup automatic upload of changed files to your dev server, so as soon as you click Save, all changes will be transferred there (to dev server) as well. If you continue with the wizard (the one which you have tired already), at the end PhpStorm will be able to copy all (or selected) files and folders to your PC to work with.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I never had this option (or this way of working) in any other ides. With your explanation it does make sense.

Thanks again :)


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