What does "commit after merge without conflicts" do when using Hg?

As far as I can tell, it does nothing. I would expect it to pull up the standard commit dialog (Ctrl+K) after it's finished updating, but it doesn't.

My biggest concern is that it's comitting with some random commit message or something.

Edit: To clarify, I mean the last checkbox under VCS > Update Project (Ctrl+T)

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Or it doesn't commit at all, so presumably I have to do an update (Ctrl+T) and then a commit+push (Ctrl+K) otherwise I get multiple heads...and by the time it warns me there will be multiple heads, it's too late! (Edit: Oh nvm...it seems to abort if there are multiple heads/causes a conflict.)

Or if I do do an update first, and then there's a conflict and I screw up the merge, how do I revert back, since I never committed my changes? Catch-22! Can't update first or I have no fallback, can't commit first lest I get multiple heads. Can we get 1 button that basically does:

  1. hg commit
  2. hg pull -u
    (if no merge necessary, go to 5)
  3. hg merge
  4. hg commit
  5. hg push

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Hello Mark,

"commit after merge without conflicts" automatically makes the merge commit with "Automated merge" message. That seems pretty logical, although the commit message should probably be improved to contain revision numbers of the merged heads.

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Oh it does? Okay.. that's not the behaviour I'd like at all.
Or wait...does it just commit the merged files, or all my new and changed files as well?
Because for those, at my company, our commit messages have to follow a very specific format, and I wouldn't want it to commit files that shouldn't be comitted... I'd prefer the standard commit dialog to come up automatically.


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