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The diagrams feature is a really great feature in PhpStorm 3. Nevertheless I have some questions.

When class methods are shown I can double click a class and then select a method. On right clicks the context menu appears but in the "Refactor" node only "Rename" is active. Further refactorings like "Change signature" or "move" are present but inactive. Up to now I found no docs describing these features in detail.

Other neat features I assume not to be present, are they?
- New class -- create a new class stub via the UML view; I think IntelliJ can do this but PhpStorm not for now?
- Move method -- I think its absence is related to <>?
- Show all parents --  If I add a class to the diagram I can <Show parents> and select each parent to be shown. Is there a way to show the complete parent structure at once?

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Hello Manfred,
Change signature and some other refactorings require TextEditor object. UmlDiagramEditor is not text editor. We will rewrite some of the refactorings to make them available from UML, Project View, etc. See and vote for:



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