How can I disable the spellchecker completely in phpStorm 3.0


I was simply disabling the spellchecker plugin and it was completely disabled for all of my projects. In phpStorm 3.0 I can't see it under plugins list so how can I disable it completely?

The problem about the spellchecker is, there's no good dictionary for Turkish so spellchecking sucks...
Right now I'm disabling it in projects one-by-one but I have tens of projects and adding at least 2-3 projects a month so it's really annoying to go to inspections and disable spellchecking every time... Same for commits, I've to disable it in there too for every project...

The only thing that hate about phpStorm is how they handle the projects. It seems like it's designed for people working on a few projects only...

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disable Spellchecker inspection in default inspection profile.


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