Compare Two Files

I've started using 3.0 and the 'Compare Two Files' option in the menu seems to always be greyed out.  Is this feature currently disabled, or am I doing something wrong?

Screen shot 2011-12-19 at 11.22.35.png

Hi Booyah,

You have to select 2 files in Project View panel in order to have this option available.


Thanks :)

So if I have a second file that is outside the current project, there's no way to compare it with a file in the project (besides temporarily adding it to the project)?


Of course you have such possibility: whole 2 approaches:

1) Open that external file in text editor and copy whole content into clipboard. Then you can compare currently opened & active file in editor with clipboard (right click in editor and choose "Compare with Clipboard");

2) Just open external fine in PhpStorm (drag & drop should work OK), then find your another file in Project View panel, right click on it (in Project View panel) and use "Compare File with Editor".


Cheers Andriy, both methods worked as described!


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