Php Storm 3 is too slow

i just installed the phpstorm 3. It is very slow from other ide. I have opened it for a hour and after hour it take my 953 MB of ram and slows down my pc. It have cool feature and i like it but it uses too much memory plz phpstorm team work on its memory allocation area and make it light weight ide otherwise ill quiet

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What operating system, memory and cpu specs does your computer have?

I am using windows XP Pro 32 bit, 3GB Ram and a 2.4ghz Intel dual core CPU.
On my system with one project open, 5 php files open, Data Source and DB Navigator Plugin connected to my testing environments MySQL Database
PhpStorm 3 is using 247,568 RAM

I have no slow downs and am watching streaming video, listening to music via WinAMP and 3 seperate FireFox running with 20 tabs open between them
and replying to this post without any problems.

You do understand that PhpStorm is built with JAVA right?  It's not programmed in C++ or Python so comparisons to non-java based applications will be
a bit skewed just because of the inherent way Java handles resources.

I also use PsPad to code in and PsPad is up and running before PhpStorm is done loading and my project is loaded, but PsPad is also not written in Java
and does not have anywhere near the capability that PhpStorm has.  Since I have first used PhpStorm back in March of this year it has gotten speedier, better
resource management and of course new features.

I personally prefer PhpStorm over any other IDE I have used which is most of them out there.  As you can see from my specs above, the main computer I use is not
new and I guess could be considered a bit retarded compared to new computers built within the last few months but I have no problems at all using PhpStorm on it.

On my computer from pressing the icon on my desktop until PhpStorm 3 is up and fully loaded with my Project and files is less than 15 seconds.
PsPad for same is 3 seconds but it is not an IDE and doesn't have the features and is not written in Java.

I don''t personally see any slow down once PhpStorm is loaded compared to PsPad or other similar applications.  Resources used are mainly due to the Java based
requirements but comparing PhpStorm 3 to PhpStorm 2, epsecially from even 3 months ago is a vastly large improvement and is in part why I keep using it.

I have used Netbeans and other Eclipse based IDE's and see similar load and resource issues but in my opinion PhpStorm is faster than those in most everyway.
Though I don't have a Mac so I don't know about those systems, just what people talk about on the forums and apparently those systems have more issues with PhpStorm than windows version.

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" it take my 953 MB of ram and slows down my pc"

The common requirements for all the operating systems PhpStorm is compatible with is

  • 512 MB RAM minimum
  • 2 GB RAM recommended
  • 1024x768 minimum screen resolution

Though you can use it with less than 1GB of ram and the minimum is 512MB, I strongly agree with the recommended 2GB as minimum RAM you should have for any computer let alone something like PhpStorm.
You can technically run Windows 7 on 512MB of Ram but who would want to?  That is minimum just for the computer to boot the op sys and is not enough to really use it to any level of usability.

I recommend getting at least an additional 1 GB of Ram and then compare,  I don't know what operating system you are using though.
I have used PhpStorm on Linux as well but the computer had 2 GB of Ram installed.

My current computer has 3 GB and is not high performance though at the time it was pretty great compared to most on the market at the time, circa 2007ish.

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i have core2duo 2.93 GHZ and 2.5 GB of ram with win 7. It opens late compare to dreamweaver. It uses more memory than dreamweaver

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i have core2duo 2.93 GHZ and 2.5 GB of ram with win 7. It opens late compare to dreamweaver. It uses more memory than dreamweaver

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PhpStorm is a Java based software, I believe Dreamweaver was programmed in C++.   PhpStorm sets aside at least on my computer 400MB of Ram whether it uses it or not, with the new version I see this decreased by 50% or so but it creeps up the longer I am using it.  This is from my understanding the way Java operates, it needs a lot of resources.

Once PhpStorm is up and running and you are using it, do you see any speed decrease or lockups or is it just the slower starting compared to other software you have or do use?

I don't really notice anything myself and it works nice with the other software on my system, just curious if you had any other issues besides slower initial loading?

Also once you start it up the first time, windows caches the program so it loads much faster the more you use it. Unless you use something like CCleaner and remove those caches.

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sorry to say that phpstorms opens and runs slower than other ide. You have to work on its performance. In this forum there are lot of users complains about its slowness and thats the main problem of phpstorm.

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If that is such a big issue for you then do not use it -- use Dreamweaver instead.

I'm running PhpStorm on Windows XP with 2GB of RAM -- 4 and a half years old PC (AMD processor) and performance is OK (my 1-year old home PC with 8GB of RAM running Win 7 x64 is handling it even better -- no surprises here). Yes -- first start is slow, but subsequent are much faster .. and no slowdowns during operation (at least on my code base).

I recommend re-installing Windows if it was installed long time ago -- this helped me dramatically -- for every app, not just PhpStorm.

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We are unable to address such a generic "performance problems" report.
We do not plan to reduce overall memory footprint of the IDE, but will work to make it more efficient.
Anyway, please follow and provide a CPU dump, for performing slow activity only at least for 30 seconds.


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