Context Sensitive Javascript help in WebStorm 2.1.5?

Does Webstorm have Help for Javascript? (i.e., I highlight DrawCircle and then get help on that Javascript command).

IF so, how do I use that?

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Opps... in the example I gave, that's a user-defined function.

Here's a better example:  math.random()

I clicked it and went to it's declaration but just got:
  public native static function random():Number;

NOw I want to see the code of the function Random. Or documentation on that function.

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Try reading through Help | Tip of the day & Help | Productivuty guide - they contain most important shortcuts and features description.

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I as looking for help/documentation for javascript not the Webstorm IDE.

I.e., I wasnt to see documentation on a javascript keyword.


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