Media Query in Structure window support

Is there a way to have support for css media queries in the structure window or is there a plugin for this. Meaning I am looking for a quick way to find my media queries within my css and the styles within each media. Right now it shows the styles within them but ignores the containing media query inside the structure window. Netbeans has a way that shows a tab for all media queries inside the navigation it and it will show each media query and the styles set within them. Hopeing Phpstorm has the same thing in some way shape or form as it is now my go to IDE.


did I not explain it very well....any help is much appreciated. thanks


Hi David,

As far as I'm aware there is no such functionality in PhpStorm (don't remember anything like that in Settings .. and Structure panel itself is very simple in terms of configuration -- all options are already presented as tool buttons).

I would suggest submitting new ticket to the Issue Tracker at


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