Git Version Control and Subdirectories

I have PhpStorm 2.1.5 loaded on my home laptop (which is physically large and does not get moved), and also on a portable laptop.
Recently, I started using the Git version control interface within PhpStorm as opposed to Git Bash.  On my portable laptop, this has caused no issue.  However, my office laptop will give me an error when starting PhpStorm: ("Invalid Git roots - Some configured Git VCS roots are not under Git or have Git repositories in subdirectories without configured VCS root. Configure.")

I simply close the warning and continue working.  Otherwise, if I configure the git repos in the subdirectories, when I try to "commit and push" work on my own project, the subdirectory repos try to push as well.  In this case, that is not preferable.  As I stated, for now I close the warning and continue working, but my question is - Which behavior is appropriate, my office laptop's or portable laptop's?

The directory that the subdirectories are in is in my .gitignore file.  I have even tried using PhpStorm's method for ignoring directories with no help.

I understand that this is not a horrible problem, but it is annoying enough for me to inquire.  Please help.

Edit to add - It may be helpful to know that my office laptop has a ssd and my portable laptop has a hdd.

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I have had issues with submodules as well.
It actually isn't supported yet in phpStorm and there is a ticket for it in the tracker.
Please vote here


Thanks for the helpful reply.  However, my main concern is regarding the different behavior on my two systems.  I am not sure which behavior is correct.  Nor am I sure about how to control this particular behavior since it seems to ignore subdirectories in one case and seek them out in another.  Maybe the ticket you linked to will help resolve my problem eventually, but from what I read, I don't know how to come to any sort of conclusion other than remaining confused.


I am very much open to my confusion being due to my own ignorance in understanding the status of Git capabilities and/or my inexperience with setting up the tool itself, but I would greatly appreciate clarity on this matter.  I am seeking out understanding as to what particular behavior I should expect from the Git VCS tool PhpStorm.  I have listed, above, two different behaviors on two different systems and I do not understand what is "normal" and what I should expect in future versions.  How should I bring consistency to this matter?  Thanks!


I believe that PhpStorm 3 has resolved this problem.  However, I am not sure if that is due to a fresh install, or because of a code change.  And more specifically, I am not 100% sure that this is resolved.  Regardless...

I installed PhpStorm 3 on my portable laptop (which seemed to work properly) and I noticed no change in the Git VCS behavior.  Now, after being able to take the time to install on my office laptop, it's behavior was immediately different in that it did not give me any warning about subdirectories.  So, for the time being, PhpStorm 3 seems to be honoring my .gitignore properly on two different systems.  If things stay this way for a while without problem, I will try to rememeber to come back to this thread and mark it as answered.


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