Install WebStorm for all users on Windows 7

i have installed WebStorm 2.x in a Windows 7 pro Pc and all works fine for the user that have installed the software (admin of pc).
But every other users that works on that pc cannot to reach to find ws on start meun and they must go to c:\program files\...  folder and create manually a shortcut to webstorm.
And when they finally reach to launch webstorm they must re-register the software.
What has been wrong during the installation ??
Thanks in advance

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Hi stefano,

1) Shortcuts are indeed installed for current user only. To manually fix that just move it from C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Desktop to C:\Users\Public\Desktop. (Similar idea for Start Menu shortcuts, just different paths) Please submit a ticket to Issue Tracker if you think it needs to be created that way by default:

2) Because software is installed on per-user basis (settings and aforementioned shortcuts) and registration data is stored together with settings in C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.WebIde10\config folder, it has to be registered per user as well. I think it's because software is licensed on per-user basis (unless you have some different kind of license) -- I'm not sure on this one. In any case -- you can create one-for-all / shared configuration -- but that you need to do manually and you may need to redo it after installing each new build. To do that look at C:\Program Files (x86)\JetBrains\PhpStorm\bin\ -- you will need to edit some variables there (the file has plenty of comments so no additional explanation should be required).


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