How can I run my downloaded version of my project before uploading?

PHPstorm allows me to upload my saved files to the server before running remotely in the browser.

But I'd like to run the local copy first and see the changes before I do that. Is this possible and what's the easiest way to set this up given I'm running phpstorm (3.0) on a windows machine, but my apache/php are running on a linux machine?

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I'm not 100% sure on what exactly you mean by " run the local copy " .. so here it goes:

1) If you want to run it locally ... then install & configure webserver (Apache, IIS) and PHP on your Windows computer. Because you have Linux there and Windows here .. your code may be executing differently, so this is not the most ideal solution.

2) Have 2 separate sites on your remote server (or 2 different servers): one for testing and one for production (or whatever role your current server does).


Thanks Andriy,

When I save changes I've made to my source code - I won't see it on the server until I actually upload the changed files. So I thought that it might be possible to test those changes before uploading to the server.

It seems this is not possible, but I guess I can set up svn and get going that way.

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Hi Jarlath,

So you want PhpStorm to automatically upload saved files to your Default FTP??

No problem -- File | Settings | Deployment | Options --> Upload changed files automatically to the default server

You may also look at ticking Upload external changes as well (on the same page).

This will do for default server only -- if you have more than one deployment server then you will need to deploy to other servers in a different way.


Thanks Andriy - I'll use that solution! So is svn the best way to go for testing changes before commiting them to the codebase? I had hoped that this would be possible 'before' uploading to the server from PHPStorm.


Sorry, but unfortunately I do not understand "svn the best way to go for testing changes before commiting them to the codebase" idea/approach. Maybe somebody else is more familiar with this and will be able to give you definite answer/precise instructions.


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