Can't open any window - mac

Picture says it all. That's what i see when launching PHPStorm 3. I can not open Preference, projects or any file. The only thing different I did from version 2.1.5 was install the plugin Database Navigator.

2.1.5 did launch and I was able to launch Preferences and remove Database navigator. But version 3 is still hosed. I tried to reinstall the app. Do I have to delete the /Library files as well? If so, is there anyway I can keep the templates?

Screen Shot 2011-12-01 at 1.38.19 AM.png

Restoring from a backup did not work. Are there other files elsewhere on my system (other then /Library/Preference/WebIDE10?


Look, I don't have time to spend days working this out. I'm wiping the drive and will resintall into a clean version of Lion. But seriouslly, if a plugin can cause this much, then you guys need to do some policing.

As for the templates, keymapping and colors, I'm hoping a restore (I'll select one from before I installed any plugins) of WebIDE10 will deal with them.


Provide contents of ~/Library/Logs/WEBIDE10/idea.log


Well, most of us are in Europe, and so we were sleeping - Its 8 AM here.

~/Library/Preferences/WebIDE10 contains folders with colors and keymaps.


I know that. I meant that I could not wait, until the morning, to provide further details. So me sending the log file won't do any good now, since the OS and PHPstorm have been reinstalled. And is working fine.

Now I know, if it happens again to send the log file. Thanks.

By the way, where are the Live Templates stored?


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