SVN authentification problem


I've got an problem with the svn authentification. I found some topics here with a solution...
I can see a coloured popup in the upper right corner with the link to fix the wrong user name / password and a alert box in the middle of the windows with the message that my commit failed.
I can't use the "Click here to fix" link cause the I have to close the alert box in the middle first... when I close this box, the popup isn't visible anymore...

First of all, should I report this as a bug?
Is there another way to change my svn username / password? I tried to use the clear auth function, it didn't help.

Best regards,

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Hello Andy, depending on the version, you should look for notification either in the Event Log, or in "Notifications", which are in the right-bottom corner (red exclamation sign)

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Hi, thanks for your answer. I've found the event log, but there was just the message, not the link to change the login.
But I used the svn lock command to get the link without an alert box in the middle. Now everything is fine :)


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