Copy/Pasting Issues PhpStorm 3

So I gues upgrades to PhpStorm 3 and not copying and pasting is not working like it did before.  For example:

Screen Shot 2011-11-30 at 6.51.21 AM.png

So I copy from line 22-24 and then pasted on line 26.  It looks like the spaces are being copying over too and PhpStorm 2 did not work with this (PhpStorm 2 worked the way every other editor I have ever used works).  Is there some sort of setting that was added that makes this functionality work like this?

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Hi Ryan,

Please check the "Settings | Editor | Smart Keys | Reformat on paste" value -- try changing it to something else.

If still nothing -- then maybe this is the right ticket:

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Looks like reformat block is the setting I want, thanks.


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