Plans for Mylyn-style issue tracker integration

Hi, I've been using Eclipse for PHP/JS development for quite a few years now, and am considering migrating to PhpStorm. I've been very happy with PhpStorm so far, but there is one feature that I really miss from Eclipse, that is full bug tracker integration (via the Mylyn plugin). I was wondering whether you have any plans to introduce a similar feature in PhpStorm. The features I use the most from Mylyn are:

  • Viewing, creating and editing tickets from within the IDE
  • Multiple custom queries so that I can easily group tickets by their component, priority etc, and display them on a sidebar
  • Tracking which files I have open often for each ticket and hiding unrelated files in the file list.
  • Notification when there is a new ticket that matches one of my queries, or that one of the matched tickets has changed
  • Custom commit messages: We use Trac, which will automatically display a link to the ticket if the number is proceeded with a # - I have to manually add in the hash whenever I commit something in PhpStorm. Eclipse can be configured to do this automatically.

I believe that the majority of Mylyn's codebase is pure Java, without any Eclipse dependencies. Is it possible to create a plugin that integrates Mylyn into PhpStorm's UI?

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Currently we have no plans to implement rich bugtracking client in the IDE.
Regarding other features/enhancements, feel free to submit requests to YouTrack.


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