How to setup subversion.

As a newbie in linux I finally made it in setting up a working subversion server on my virtual server.
I can checkout and commit using the prompt in the terminal, I have a svn user and a svn password.
I have created a test-repository and everything works fine as an example.

But: I am absolutely not knowing how to setup subversion in phpStorm.
What are URL-Patterns? What are exceptions?
Is there any step by step guide what I have to put in the fields to get a subversion connection?
Where do i get those certification files?

Sorry for my questions, but being  average in php subversion is very new to me.
Thank you a lot, Adrian.

An addition: I put my repository in a special folder on my linux server; it is NOT in the webroot and so it is not accessible by http://.... it is accessible by ssh, and that works fine in the terminal. When I use phpStorm, it seems to me that I have to enter http:... url. So do I have to put the repositories in the webroot?

Thank you.

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You should just be able to do Version Control (in the menubar) > Check out from version control > Subversion

From there you click the plus icon at the top of the dialog and enter the URL of your repository. Our repository also uses https and is not the document root and we've had no problems.

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yes, thank you.
I did not know that it is possible to do subversion in different ways. When I realized that subversion can be installed as a webDAV service using http access, everything was fine.
Right now everything works great! I am so fascinated about that combination of phpStorm and subversion, it is my favourite solution for coding!
Thank you for your help, sincerely, Adrian.


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