Can PhpStorm automatically do a pull & merge after commit & push?

At our company we have a script that always does commit, push, pull and merge (in Hg/Mercurial), but the commit interface in PhpStorm is much nicer. Is there a way we can get it do a pull and merge after the we press the "Commit & Push" button, or perhaps run an arbitrary command-line program which we could then run the 2nd half of our script from?


Ok, I see PhpStorm also has an "Update Project" buttion (Ctrl+T) which looks like it does most of what I wanted, but perhaps I'm not using it correctly because I keep getting errors:

outstanding uncommitted changes in repository /my/project, not merging with pulled head
Multiple heads in this branch in repository /my/project before the update (use "hg heads ." and "hg merge" to merge)

And then I have to go and run a merge which I've been doing from the command-line, and then re-commit. Also, it often seems to be pushing files I didn't change; I think they're files my co-workers edited, and I think it's overwriting their changes now because I have an older version of the file. I just want one command that pushes all my changes to the central repo and merges them with whatever everyone else has pushed, and then pulls the changes back and updates my files. If there's a conflict, it should open a diff.

I'm probably just not understanding something here... but can the IDE do what I want?


Hello Mark,

We have plans to make a single process of pull-update/merge-commit-push sequence, but it is not implemented yet.

As for the error you get: have you tried checking all options in the Update Project dialog? It should pull, update and merge automatically if you did.


I think the "multiple heads" issue might be our fault. I can try it again.


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