Is PhpStorm safe?

Nice features and all but it just crashed on me and when I reopened it, it replaced the contents of one of my project's css files with one of its own xml config files!

I'm really starting to wonder if I can risk continuing to use it.

It worked ok in the trial period. Only since I entered a license key is it unstable and destructive.


I think I found the answer: NO

after its last crash my prject is in a completely screwey state. one file is as it was yesterday. another current.

i just tried to save a correction: "Could not save application settings: Unexpected end of ZLIB input stream"

it's intolerable. don't suppose i can get my money back. i only got 9 days of use out of it, 7 if you only count the stable/nondestructive ones.


Try use local history (right click in file -> LOcal History) to restore your files contents.


Well, obviusly license key does not alter IDE behavior in any way, albeit removing the expiration dialog.

We have many thousand of active users across all platforms and have received no reports of such general "unsafety".

What is affected IDE version? Your OS? Are your project files reside on local HDD?
Had your system crashed recently? How did you make sure that your hardware (storage/ram) itself is not corrupted?
Have you recently updated you OS or installed some software affecting entire system (i.e. antivirus?)


What is the file name and path?


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