How to Save ChangeList to Use It With Another Host?


Can someone tell me, how can I leave or save a changelist, to easily use it again with another host?

I have a project for my client, that has its public stable version available on certain domain and host. But my client often changes things in this project, but before those can be sent to public server, first have to be tested and analyzed by the client on his testing server.
I develop the project using my local virtual host, so I have instant file saving for quick preview of changes. After I am ready to show it to my client, I commit all changes and save them to testing host. Changes are sent, but my changelist gets empty, and I cannot reuse it to send it to production host in a later time...

Is there a way, to preserve a changelist (list of files and all changes) to use with another remote host again (even after new adjustments)?

I hope I put it clear... ;)


Right-click | "Create patch" +
Main menu | VCS | Apply patch?..


Shelve changes + unshelve w/o removing shelved patch?..


OK, this is what I thought. :)

Made few more test, and have no more questions so far. :)


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