Vendor files within project dir

Hi there,
In my project vendor files are stored within project directory. Is it possible to exclude them from search results, but at the same time keep them accessible for Go to file / class?


Hi Dziamid,

Try this one:
1) define custom scope (via "File | Settings | File Colors | Manage Scopes..." for example, or via "..." button in "Find in Path" dialog window etc)
2) when searching select "Custom" option (all your custom scopes will be listed at the end of list).


Yeap, this helps, thanks. I wonder why file scopes are under colors & fonts in the settings..?


That's just one of the many ways of how scopes can be accessed. Unfortunately PhpStorm has no dedicated settings entry, unlike InteliJ IDEA.

Please vote for this ticket:


Is it possible to disable inspections for vendors? The editor highlights many files as incorrect in the tree, but i honestly don't give a darn even if there's a bug.


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