Things I miss most in PhpStorm

Hi, as a happy Jetbrains customer for many years in the C# area I now have some projects in PHP and was happy to see that Jetbrains then launched WebIDE, now PhpStorm. I tried PhpED before, which is ok, but is valueless once you are used to Resharper.

Even though I am thankful every day for how much easier life is in the Jetbrains universe, some things bug me:

  • I have a database abstraction layer that has a getResults() method. It has a comment that says /**@return stdClass[] */. But still, this code is a warning:

$result=$db->getResults("SELECT A FROM B");
foreach($result as $row) {

If I add a line /** @var stdClass $row */, everything is o.k., but I don't want to do that a thousand times... And PHPStorm should be able to see that if you loop over an stdClass[], the items are stdClass and thus he should not show the undefined field warning?

  • I try my best to comment my code, and on a lot of occasions I have base classes that have comments that would be perfectly o.k. for the subclasses. Please please pretty please add a quickfix to "Copy comments from base"!
  • Please add a warning for functions that have no public/protected/private modifier with a quickfix to add one, and also a make public/protected/private quickfix if you are on a access modifier!
  • When infering the variable types on "Generate PHPDoc comment", he generates strange types:

doSomething has /** @return string*/, so why doesn't he get it:

* @return #M#C\StringUtils.doSomething|?

private function foo() {
     return StringUtils::doSomething("");
  • I would love to have a global analysis like in Resharper with options to exclude stuff easily. That would show me when I do something that breaks code someplace else I have not thought about myself and would make me a lot more confident when changing things.

I hope you can consider at least some points for the next release, it would help me a lot in my daily work!

Thank you for making PHP bearable for me and my colleagues,

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Please use bug tracker to report bugs - each one separately.

AFAIK all you listed is obsolete in 3.0 EAP

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I updated to EAP 3.0 and checked, the things that I am still missing are created as tickets:


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