Is it possible to expand the documentation for JS?

When in PHP and (for example) placing the cursor on str_repeat and you press Ctrl-Q, you get a nice, concise explanation of the function.
In JavaScript however when you place the cursor on (for example) the methode .length and then press Ctrl-Q you get a "no documentation found".
I wouldn't mind adding all the standard documentation myself, if I knew where to start. If this isn't possible, I'll file a feature request.


JavaScript documentation for most of predefined libraries like ECMAScript, DHTML etc. is not available at the moment. You may get some method signatures at best. Thus filing a feature request for these libraries is a good idea. If you have your own JS code or an external JS library, it depends on what documentation is actually available there.



Is this feature request filed?

IMO, the documentation for core JavaScript and client-side JavaScript Objects is sorely being missed. Is there a possibility that WebStorm borrows from RubyMine in this case? In Ruby, several library classes are implemented in C and RubyMine maintains an index of "documentation stubs" of those clases in pure Ruby. I really like what RM does here. I would really like WebStorm to pick that up as far as JavaScript (core and client-side) is concerned.



I filed a bug report here:  feel free to comment and add to it. It doesn't seem to have a high priority.


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