50% discount on personal license

Shouldn't there also be a 50% discount on the renewal program? Otherwise I would be better off buying a new (second) license.



Agreed, this would make sense. :)


I also agree. there must be 50% discount for renewals also.


I got both PS and PyCharm with 50% and I think will buy IDEA one day with 50% :)
But I'm OK with current renewals cost and my license will expire in few month, so i don't think 50% discount will be actual at that time (maybe will).
JetBrains make great IDE and I easy cover such expenses.
I can return to free Netbeans any time, but I just like JetBrains IDE more.
If you need very-very cheap way - you can run OSS project or use EAP (well, I love EAP) ;)


i also love phpstorm thats why i paid for it. i use netbeans and eclipse  as well for some of my projects but phpstorm is my main IDE

it is not about cheap. it is about reward for returning customer.they attracting new customers by offering discounts, why not offer discount to retain exisitng customers.
now suppose my license is going to expire next week. instead of renewing i wait for next major version to release and buy new license at discount in 6 months time which will add full year of upgardes aftre that. but if i renew at renewal price i don't get full year, i only get time remainin(in this case only 6 months) in the year from my last expiry of license.

so what is the point of renewing when you can buy new license for same price?

software is not going to stop working when license expire.


Completely agree. Both, the software and its price, are good. But I also have rubymine license and its upgrade is even more expensive then new license now. It's a bit ridiculous. :) I'd better buy new license and will be able to have two copies running on my PC and notebook at the same time and as a bonus will have a cup of coffee for free. LOL :) Would be interesting to hear the point of view from staff.


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