PhpStorm and GIT


As Drupal has now changed to git I have installed it (both the standard and Tortoise version). The tortoise one is great and makes submodules very easy. This is pretty necessary for Drupal.

The snag is that PhpStorm does not seem to support submodules at all - which requires me to use the normal filesystem to make the changes. Even then I cannot see the submodule version correctly in PhpStorm.

I also noticed that the creation of these submodules sent PhpStorm into a peculiar state where it did a index update (with dialog box) every 5 seconds or so. A restart seem to have fixed that one.

It makes no difference which git .exe I point PhpStorm as far as Submodules are concerned

Any chance of submodule support?


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as you correctly noticed, currently IDEA doesn't support Git submodules.
This feature will be implemented for sure, but not in a short-term.
Please vote for it here:

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Actually, I don't think submodules would work so well for Drupal.


Submodules are good if you want to put your production site under Git. But that's not the main purpose of PhpStorm. To develop contributed modules for Drupal (there are over 7000 of them!) we need nested project support.


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