Undefined Fields in Code Inspection - Zend Framework

Has anyone found a good solution for all of the erroneous "undefined field" flags that PhpStorm 2.x displays in Zend Framework code -- without having to add docblock annotations everywhere?

In Zend Framework, it's extremely common to pass fields to a view script. In its Code Inspection, PhpStorm reports these as undefined fields as shown in the image below:


Is there a way to get PhpStorm Code Inspection to recognize these as legitimate fields without having to add a comment to every line -- and without having to turn off the code inspection feature?

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Hello sczwerbka,

Relates to general Zend Framework support (at the moment we are not aware about exact type of 'View' class). Please vote - http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/WI-1063

Thank you for feedback!

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