from 2.1.5 to EAP #108-1343 and all projects dissappear

I just downloaded EAP PS#108-1343 to use, but when I loaded it up all my existing projects were nowhere to be seen.  All server configurations had gone and IDE color settings gone too.

So I reverted back to 2.1.5 and they all came back.

is EAP PS#108-1343 not recommended for use?  I have usually been running on an EAP since the beginning and have never found them to have too many major issues and they have the advantage of new features with the ability to make recommendations that make it into the actual releases.  Great system.

Never seen this behaviour before though.  please advise.


The default name/path of the directory holding the config settings has changed. It's called .WebIde rather than .WebIde10 . I've no idea if the two ide version settings are compatible, but you may want to try export settings from 2.1.x and import to 3.x.


That might be what is supposed to happen, but mine did not create a new .webide, it used the old .webide10 and the only thing I lost was my Editor Popup menu was reset to default.

When you say disappeared, what do you mean?


dissappeard, meaning feels like a totally fresh install.


Yea, mine didn't do that.


I always set new version installs to use a custom config dir by editing "bin/" located in the programs install directory.This way, I can go back to prior versions if needed without any risk of my settings being corrupted. Even run different versions side by side if needed.

Now that I think about it, I had to uncomment the relevant lines this time. These lines by default include the ".webide" dir I mentioned in the path. Perhaps I assumed too much in stating the default pathname had changed.


Yes, the default behavior has changed - you need to uncomment and edit props to override defaults.


Definately on a case-sensitive OS in my case.  LMDE (Linux mint debian edition) using KDE


Then follow gist from ticket, or simply rename the existing folder to .WebIDE10

This will be fixed in next EAP (then you'll need to rename it back).


Got it working with those instructions. thanks Alexey. :)

Found a couple of new settings im loving already.
* Love the vertical alignment of the = on code reformat, that is awesome.
* love being able to use html ctrl+space within html written in a php variable setting string.
$something = "p (then ctrl+space) to get
$something = "<p></p>

* love that now variable auto complete works inside my sql setup
$_user = getUser();
$sql = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE user_id = $ (then ctrl+space) to get
$sql = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE user_id = $_user

That never worked before and does in the latest eap.  Cool.

Im sure there is more cool stuff that I havent found yet, but really liking those so far.


Thanks for sharing your experience :) keep this going :)


one thing that i have found that is a litte more difficult to use is alt+shift+1+1

I used to use alt+shift+1+1 to open the file that I am currently working on in the project pane but that doesnt work any more.

The new keystroke for the same thing is a bit longer.
alt+shift+1+right arrow+1

alt+shift+1 for "Select Target" but there has been a new drop down menu attached to option #1 Project View so i have to select if i want the project or the scope.

guess ill have to start getting used to the new alt+home functionality instead. :)


Its just a bug, fixed for next EAP.


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