Can auto inserted parenthesis and brackets be more like eclipse?

I am currently doing the trial for phpStorm and so far I love it.

The one thing that really nags me is:

In eclipse when a parenthesis or backet is automatically inserted you can hit the tab key to progressively tab outside of the nesting.  This makes it very fast and easy.

In phpStorm the best solution I can find is simply typing the closing parenthesis or bracket manually and it will notice that the closign one is already there and then move you outside.  You could also reach over and hit the arrow keys.

To me it seems that auto insertion of parenthesis, brackets, quotes etc... is really not that useful if you can't get outside of it quickly.

Is there any way to make this behave more like eclipse?

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You can type the other one to get outside it.

if you type {

it automatically changes it to {}

but if you type {}

you dont end up with {}}

admittidly you probably want to put something in between first in which case the above is probably not much help, but interesting.  same for ''.

-- edit --

Just went and had a look in the 'keymap' in the settings area.  there is an option for "Move Caret to Code Block End"  for me the keystroke is Ctrl+}  to go to the end and Ctrl+{ to go to the beginning of whatever set of parenthesis you are currently in.  Is that what your after? ( Didnt know that, so will start to use it.)

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Thanks for the suggestion, but it is not exactly what I meant.  I'm guessing by the lack of responses this can not currently be done and possibly only eclipse users even know what I mean.

Another person posted about this on these forums.  This is how he explained it.

"It would also be nice if there was a really easy key you could press that

would get you outside of the current context (jump outside of quotes, jump
outside of the current level of parens, jump outside of the current level of
braces).  Just a "pop up one context" for cursor movement.  That would rock."

I don't even know what eclipse calls this feature or how to search by it.  Its just something natural in eclipse.

Either way phpStorm is still a great IDE even without this feature.

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as far as i know, the closest thing to what i think your saying is ctrl+w to progressively select the containing items () {} "" ''  then use the arrow key left or right to remove the selection and go to either the beginning or the end.

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Thanks for all the information.

I found a similar post on stack overflow.

I'm marking this question as answered because based on what I have read and the helpful information provided here, I do not think this IDE supports this feature.

Not a big deal, I just need to get use to it.

Thanks again.

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If you press Ctrl+} caret will be moved before nearest }, if you press Ctrl+{ - caret will be moved after nearest {. I is not what you need but it is close.

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I agree--it'd be really great if this feature could be added....

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Hello Bryan,

Any feature requests should be submitted into PhpStorm\WebStorm issue tracker -

Thank you for feedback!


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