Debugging with Node.js plugin for WebStorm

I've tried installing the Node.js plugin fro Webstorm found here:

It claims to support debugging of Node code, but I've had no luck getting it working. Has anyone else figured it out?

Once I installed it I can see the Node.js settings on the project configuration. I fill the path to node.exe and the path to the server js.js file. But the Run and Debug menu items are never enabled.

I'm using WebStorm 2.11 on Windows.


Well, I was not able to build / run node on Windows at all :) at the time of initial NodeJS plugin creation.
Debug was tested under Linux / MacOSX, I will look for the problem in next NodeJS plugin version


I'm using WebStorm 2.1.2 with Node.JS plugin 0.1.2.
I'm also using a precompiled Node.JS for windows from
I can use the IDE to "Run" the project, but can't debug.


Is there any update on when the next NodeJS plug-in will be available?

I was unable to get Debugging to work under Windows.

I am running Webstorm 2.1.5 against the official Node 0.5.7 Windows binary.

I'm using a shell script to set the NODE_PATH and I am able to run things correctly, but not debug.

When I try and debug, I can see that the process is started with "--debug-brk" with an unassigned port, but Webstorm never seems to connect successfully.

When using a program like TcpView, I can see that WebStorm is trying to open a connection but then it appears to fail, then increments the source port, then tries again.

It would be great if you could either share the code to the plug-in to allow us to attempt to fix it ourselves, or release a new version. I'm really keen to get this functionality working. Thanks!


Please wait for couple of days. We are investigating the problem right now.


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