Cannot create a new DB Connection, error: Unknown Reason

I have been trying to establish a database connection and can't seem to get anything going.

I make a new connection and specify where my .jar for mysql drivers is. Insert the IP of the database and the login details. Once I hit 'test' a pop up appears saying that it cannot establish a connection but gives me "Unknown reasons" for the cause.

Is there some special way to a connection going?

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Please provide
exact version of the MySQL server you are connecting to
exact version driver version and
exact "JDBC URL" you are using to connect (replace login&pass with some garbage)

Also, use Help|Reveal log.. and look for any relevant error stacktraces

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I am connecting to the latest version of MySQL.

I am using the mysql-connector-java-5.1.17-bin.jar as the connector

with com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

hmmm forgive me for now begining to sound like a newbe in this. But i just realized that i may be using the wrong URL.

I was under the impression that just using the IP of the server running the MySQL databse would be enough.

What is the syntax to specify a valid URL?

I am inserting

URL: ip
login: user
pass: pass

and the log shows too many error from jetbrains but non related to a connection using db connections or anything related.

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"latest version of MySQL" is definitely not a "exact version".

The syntax for JDBC URL is database-specific and is templates are available in its dropdown after you select correct driver class.

Screen Shot 2011-09-19 at 10.05.32 .png

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Your right, I'm sorry for giving such a lazy response.

My server version is 5.1.58.

but thank you for your example, I was able to make a successful connection =)


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