How much can webstorm support jquery's code completion?


I used to be a Eclipse user and for javascript editing, I use vjet plugin. It works well for jquery/dojo, but only support their core lib, i.e, dojo.js (not sure for jquery). however, those things in dijit package, are not supported. So I'm thinking webstorm and jquery, but not sure if webstorm support jquery's whole libary, or just support its very core files?

Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks!


In general WebStorm's completion depends on JS libraries which you have set up. I think in case of Dojo, it brings up Dijit symbols as well if you have installed a complete Dojo library. Please see the attached screenshot. You can also give WebStorm a try by downloading a 30-day evalution version from


After setting the IDE to use jQuery (the uncompressed version) I've had excellent code hinting. Even with jquery plugins.


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