change the working copies + keyboard shortcut

Hi there,I have tried to change from working copies to trunks but I have no avail,

because I tried right click on my project->subversions->update but still not help is given.

after i branch out the subversions working copies informations still stays there.Any ideas?

Btw what is the format 1.6 means?

Questions regarding keyboard shortcut.

when I tried to press alt it will toggle the file edit etcs,this happens when I used other IDE but not for this,any ideas how to resolve already?

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Hello Alvin,

Did you mean switching your working copy to another branch?
It can be done from Update options, by providing an URL to which you want to switch

Changes | Local | Subversion Working Copies shows working copies that you have in the project;
you can manually refresh it ("Refresh")

Format 1.6 is Subversion 1.6 format.. it is different from Subversion 1.5 format etc


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