SVN update takes too long - bug or not?

Win7 x64, SVN 1.6. My project has next directory structure:
/ <- svn root
|... folders
|---/products folder <- another svn root
|   |.... folders
    |----/tests <- another svn root with 3 svn externals
    |... folders and files
|... folders and files

Update process takes about 20 minutes. It is ok that Phpstorm sees all svn roots in subfolders and updates all. But it takes too long. Also I tried to configure manually vcs roots in phpstorm settings - it didn't help, still ~20 minutes to update.

Is it bug and I should file it to bugtracker or it is a normal behaviour?

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Where are take memory/cpu screenshot buttons on toolbar in 2.1.4? I can't take scrrenshots to submit this issue as bug to bugtracker.

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release builds do not have profiler enabled.
please follow


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