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I am considering to start using phpStorm, the reviews are awesome. I would like to know how the Version Control work?

I need something like this -- on one place to have an original project (e.g. wordpress plugin) as "1.0 version". On second place I would like to work on that project, modify it etc. and I would be glad to see the changes -- added functions, edited lines... (higlighted, for example). So any time I would be able to find all the changes I made to that particular project from 1.0 version.

Is this or similar functionaliy possible using phpStorm?

Thanks for your replies.

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look into a thing called "beyond compare" maybe.. phpstorm's version control is on a project basis.. no comparing to another folder. you could get a visual thing of the changes made to a file tho. but thats like index.php on such n such a time it was like this.. now its like that.


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