Auto completion slowdown

Hello to all, I have updated PhpStorm to final release of 2.1.3 build 105.581 (I think that is latest release).
Since I did this I notice change in how code completion works.
Before: when start typing I get popup with suggestions for both variables and functions. Which was great.
Now: when I type $ I get variable suggestions right away, but if I start with another character auto completion does not start for a second or two.
This is quite frustrating since I have gotten used to equally quick response in any case.

Is this problem with my installation or changed "feature" or a bug?

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I can't tell you anything with this information. We actually made some fixes to completion which may reduce speed in some cases.

Please follow before posting any peformance reports.

Please elaborate a step-by-step scenario with specific code fragment when posting new issue. Attach CPU snapshot with 30+ seconds (repeatedly) performing slow task solely.


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