A Couple Of Questions For New Comer

Since I liked Reshaper so much for VS/C# coding I figure I would give PHPStorm a try and I am sure glad I did.  So far it is much better than the PhpED is almost every way not to mention is it cheaper it offically supports Mac (and not through some cruddy hack like Wine or Mac equivalent).  I do however have a couple of questions that would be helpful.

  1. Is the license a per developer or a per machine license (in reference to the personal license)?  I want to know if I can install this on my home computer and my work computer (since I am the only one who uses my work computer).
  2. I assume the license cover any OS (since there is no OS option when purchasing the license), is that correct?
  3. Is there a way to exluce certain directories from being parsed for intellisense but not completely excluded them from the project?  Symfony2 has a number of directories that I don't care about for intellisense that kinda of screws it up.  Some of the folders (like the cache folder) I can completely ignore from the project since I will never need to modify those files however some tests include some methods to a lot of other objects (might be because it is creating a class called Object in the global namespace) and I would like to have these in the project but not included in intellisense.

Those are my main questions.  I have other but I will spend a little more time looking through the configuration options before I ask them.

Ryan Zec

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Hi Ryan,

1. Personal License is per developer.

2. Yes, you can install it on any supported OS.

3. Not really, but you can try:
a) right click on file in Project View and choose "Mark as Plain Text" -- it has to be done individually for each file. If you have a lot of files and / or filenames are changing, then this is definitely not a way to go.
b) File | Settings | File Types -> Ignore files and folders (on the bottom of the screen) -- you can add folder name here (but keep in mind that this setting will affect ALL projects and will affect ALL folders with such name (in case if name is generic -- e.g. "tests").


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