how to ignore files on ftp server ?

I have a web server on which several projects should co-exist.

When creating a new project from existing files on an ftp server, PhpStorm copies everything from that ftp server locally. Everything: including files that are not part of the project.

I would like to find the way to:
- indicate to PhpStorm in the first place that some files should be excluded from the project and therefore not be downloaded locally
- once everything is downloaded locally, to be able to remove files from the project. These files would be deleted locally but NOT deleted on the server (as is the current PhpStorm behavior).

Anyone with the same issue, anyone with an answer ?


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Hello Patrice,

Currently you only can ignore files/folders by name, see 'File | Settings | Deployment | Options' dialog for existing project or choose 'Custom deployment options' at 'Specify Local Path' wizard page if you're creating a new one. Done that, PhpStorm will not copy files and folders with matching names over all the project. So, this would help you if you need to exclude an item with unique name.

More explicit exclusion setup will be available in PhpStorm 3.0 ( that is going to be released this fall. First EAP builds will be available soon, please watch our blogs.


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hi Kirill

This will be exactly what I'm looking for.

Thanks for giving me hope!!



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