PhpStorm responds slowly to keystrocks

I'm evaluating PhpStorm

The funcionaIity is great. But the application is anormally slow. I scroll a modeate file, and it stops to "think" before continuing scrolling. I takes a second between the moemnt I click the "file" menu and the moment it actually opens. I event need to wait while typing.

I run PhpStorm on Windows 7, on Intel core2duo P8700 2.53GHZ, with 6 GB RAM. This is a modern machine
I'm not aware of anything else that is resource consuming and running at the same time. Also, PhpStorm seems to be the only application with this problem

Any ideas? I'm sure it's not by design.




At the bottom of the screen:  63 of 485 mbs used


Where is your project folder located? On the network share? Problems you described usually happen to people who try open project from network share.


Absolutely localy, hard disk.
And there is nothing extraordinary huge in the project.


1. Update to latest build - 2.1.2 at the moment. Always include version or buld number from app title bar in any of your posts.
2. If problem persists Please fire a "Performance problem" ticket to project issue tracker @
3. Follow and provide CPU snapshots of slow process.


I am experiencing the exact same issue.

for example if I am just coding along and want to ctrl-z or ctrl-shift-z a few of the last few things I've done..
each time I hit ctrl-z  there is often a lag of about anywhere from half to 2 seconds or so.
It is obnoxious and a deal breaker for sure.  If there are any features that I can try turning off please let me know.

I too am doing development on a local file on a corei5 M560 at 2.67Ghz running windows 7 enterprise with 4GB of ram...
the bottom corner of storm states it is utilizing 142 /  483

Important clue:
I am working on a 5800 line php/html/css document  on small 100 line documents it does not seem to rear its ugly head.
So I am guessing it has something to do with the program checking ALL the code every time you change even one character
to check for errors and also external links etc.  Is there any easy way to turn those features off?  then I can verify that is the culprit.

The problem started upon first install after I downloaded the version 2.1.1
Then yesterday I upgraded to 2.1.2 and still having the problem.


I'm running Snow Leoaprd (mac) on a 17" MBP (Dual Core2) 8GB RAM. And I'm noticing this as well. PHPStorm version is 2.1.2

Memory usage: 70 of 750MB. And I'm running in 64bit mode. Maybe dropping down to 32bit will make a difference?


Gents, If you do want this to be fixed - please file a proper issue with perf snapshot as described above.


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