PhpStorm never reaches breakpoint while debugging with Xdebug / Zend Debugger


I'm new to PhpStorm (Mac) and I'm really happy with it. I'm developing Zend Framework projects and PhpStorm is the first editor which can do many things I'm missing in the popular editors.

But I'm having problems with debugging. At first I've been setting up Zend Debugger and now I have XDebug configured and running.

The problem is that I'm not reaching any breakpoint in a controller / model or a view file. I'm able to set breakpoints in index.php and classes of the Zend Framework Library (like Zend_Loader_Autoloader or Zend_Config) and PhpStorm is stopping there, showing me variables and all other information.

Does anyone now how to solve this? I'm having the problem with Zend Debugger and Xdebug and it works fine in Netbeans or Eclipse PDT.


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Hello Michael,

Looks like you haven't configure path mappings for some project files.
Please provide screenshot of your server configuration ('Project Settings' -> 'PHP' -> 'Servers') and describe how the server root located relatively to the project root (equal, located on the same file system, ...).
Do you use symlinks in you project?

Thank you for feedback!

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Hello Nikolay,

thanks for your fast support. I actually found the solution after concentrating on setting up correct path mapping. It now seems to work wonderfuly.
It would be nice If you could make a little tutorial with frameworks like Zend Framework or Symfony in the docs, because many people seem to have the same starting problem than I have and there is no handy solution in the world wide web.



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