How to Always Get Latest Version of File From Server?

I've been looking for a good PHP, JS, CSS, etc. IDE (I've been using Dreamweaver) and just decided to use PhpStorm after trying several different tools.

Really like it so far but I'm concerned about losing changes to files.

I code on two different computers, and use a remote server for development files vs. a local setup.

In Dreamweaver I could always be sure to get the latest file because I viewed the Remote Files and just downloaded them as needed, then re-uploaded.

In PhpStorm, I'm concerned because I feel I've overwritten some changes I previously made.

How can I get that same Dreamweaver-like simplicity in PhpStorm? Or, what would you recommend given what I'm trying to do (working from two computers, remote server, etc.)?

Thanks for any suggestions the community might have.

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Hi Leel,

What you need is not 100% implemented at the moment. Please look/vote/comment on this requests:,

As the workaround I would suggest to enable 'Warn when uploading over newer file' option at File | Settings | Deployment | Options page, this way you won't overwrite remote changes.



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