@property fake out causes cmd-B to find @property instead of file

Here's another 'am I doing it right?' question.

PHPStorm 2.1.2, OSX 10.7

I've faked out the IDE with @property lines in my parent class's doc block, which highlights and autocompletes wonderfully.  However, when I cmd-B (go to source) on the faked property, the IDE takes me to the @property line in the docblock, rather than to the source.  


File ClassA:
* Class A
* @property My_Object myobject

File ClassB (extends class A):


When I cmd-B or cmd-click on 'myobject' in ClassB, it takes me to the doc block in ClassA.  If I then cmd-B on My_Object in the doc block, it takes me to the real source.  I think we should eliminate that middleman.


Nope, everything works exactly as it should, going to element Definition each time.
You can execute "Go to Type" if you want to skip the definition.


Hey, thank you, I didn't know there were different types of go-tos.  

I remapped the keys, but Goto Type has no effect.  I've tried them all, and here's what happens:

Go to Declaration: Links me to the doc block (expected behavior)
Go to Implementation: Links me to the doc block (I don't expect this)
Go to Type Declaration: No action.
Go to Super Method: No action.
Go to Related File: No action.

There must be something I'm missing, but I'm wondering what it might be?


Well, it looks like Go to Type (the one you want) is actually not implemented yet for PHP. Please file a feature request to the project issue tracker.


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