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we swtiched to YouTrack and so I started using the task feature of phpStorm.
But I have a problem with it :(

When I select a new task, I get a message, that the current task is no longer active an if I want to remove it.
But even I say yes, the task is not removed from the list :(

How can I remove tasks from the list?

Thanks for your help,
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The message suggests you to remove changelist, not task. Tasks without changelists remain in the list until they'll be pushed out by new tasks. To remove a task explicitely, click right arrow on the list item and choose "Remove".

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For me there is no right click on the list :(
I'm using version 2.1.2 on Mac OSX...

Bildschirmfoto 2011-07-19 um 10.13.04.png
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You misunderstood Dmitry's instructions.
Pay attention to little triangle Arrow marks on the RIGHT of list on your picture.
They mean there's a sub menu for the marked items.
Press Right Arrow KEY to activate it.

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That's it :)



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