Multiple definitions notice, easy way to make the IDE "aware" of the correct class?

Hey everyone,

PhpStorm has been giving me this notice for a while, and now it's finally to frustrate me as I use code complete ALL the time to rapidly write code when under time crunches. The notice I receive when I hover over the "Controller" class is this:

Now if I Control+Click the Controller class, I get this:

Is there any way to make PhpStorm "learn" the correct class? For this file, I need it to point to .../core/oxygen/classes/controller.php. Or is there a way I can just make PhpStorm ignore the .../core/kohana/system/classes/controller.php file?

The way that popup reads to me is if I click one of those it will make the IDE understand which file to go through. However, when I click the file it never "learns" what that file should be. I'm running 2.1.1 Build 107.307.

Best regards,


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