Everything deleted?

I downloaded a trial not too long ago and was working today.  I must of pressed something (I think I was alt-tabbing...) and all of a sudden
everything I was working on was deleted from the disk.... What happened?  I like this editor quite a bit more than my old one, but
I can't have that be happening to me, it's basically a week's work gone...

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Well.. IDE definitely don't erase project from disk by itself. Our 10 years of IDE-making history gives us the confidence to say that that.

If you just pressed "Delete" on a folder and accidentally confirmed it - just execute Undo.

Plus you have "Local history" that spans multiple days of editing so you can revert to any point in past.

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It wasn't as dire as I thought, I had a backup from earlier in the day, but, when the deletion
ocurred the local history also appeared to be deleted.  I did not try undoing, but will if it ever
happens again.  Thanks.


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