wysiwyg html editor

Does anyone know of a plugin for phpstorm that

allows for wysiwyg html editing?  I do a lot with smarty and it is a huge pain when making new templates and having to use a different editor for the layout.


I dont think your going to be able to find a wysiwyg editor for phpstorm.

There is however a plugin to allow you to connect directly to firebug to allow you to bring the changes you just made back into the css.  Kind of like reverse wysiwyg.  more wyciniye  (What You Changed Is Now In Your Editor)

So you use firebug to alter the CSS to what you want it to look like on the actual site, then import those changes back and save them to file to then be uploaded and live on the website.


and the screenshots:


I am currently using BlueGriffon to edit the pages I create in WebStorm


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