Unable to get remote debugging in chrome


I am doing some work with the dojo framework and would like to debug javascript using webstorm, but I cant get it to attach.

I am running ubutu 11 and chrome 12 (or FF 4 if you like).
What I have done so far without success is:
- set up a page to debug in webstorm (though I can only choose a file and I need to direct to my local xampp (apache) installation for it to work)
- I enabled remote debugging for chrome in the settings->browser area in WebStorm.

Now I dont know what else to do. My goal would be to somehow attach the webstorm debugger to a chrome instance running my application of the local XAMPP installation (as I cannot run safari without wine)
Currently, hitting the debug button starts chrome with my page, but with a file path and without breaking on my breakpoints.

Please please please, any help is welcome.



You need to create 'Remote' JavaScript debug configuration instead of 'Local'.



As per this thread, http://devnet.jetbrains.net/message/5306435#5306435, I have tried creating a remote JavaScript debugging configuration and as Joel says, what I get is the unable to connect page with Chrome trying to access a local file path rather than a mapped URL.

I have the topmost file/directory of my Drupal CMS site mapped to the site's top-most/domain URL, but no go. This, BTW, works fine in Firefox but not in Chrome.

Your further suggestions welcome.

--DropaBalm Jambo--


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