search field in appending mode instead of replacing


I do know if it is my fault or not but:

1. I am searching for a word and type "ctrl + F"
2. I enter the word, search, find and click with mouse into an editor and edit. So far so good.
3. Now I want to search for other word  and again type "ctrl + F"
4. If I write its appended to existing text of previous search (what is quite unusable). I'd like it to be replaced with the new word.

I've asked my colleague for this and he is telling that if he search again the text in this field is selected so if he starts writing its deleted (so it is how it should be).

Now the question is: how can I revert to the mode that the previous search text is selected if you type "ctrl+F" ?

Thanks for pointing to right direction!


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I forgot to mention:
phpStorm 2.1

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Hi Krystian,

It is a known issue which already has been fixed in EAP builds (treat it as a "beta/RC" kind of version). You can grab yourself a copy here --

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Txn! I've downloaded the EAP and it works there.


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