Can't create a TODO.txt file that gets seen by phpStorm

In my development environment I like to add a TODO.txt file that contains a number of TODO'ed notes that I use to remember things that might be a bit more overarching for the project, not just a stubbed out function or something like that! As of the 2.1 releases of phpStorm the IDE no longer finds the TODO's in the TODO.txt file! :(

So now that I can't make my global TODO that shows up in the TODO list I need options. Does anyone have any ideas as to alternatives that will show up?



Hi Richard,

Recently there were some changes in handling @todo inside PHPDoc comments (e.g. ) -- *maybe* that fix affected handling of todos in .txt file (never had any todos in txt file while using PhpStorm so cannot really advise here).

You can always keep such todos in .php file (e.g. todo.php) -- this definitely will work

// TODO: do something nice

//TODO: do it one more time


In 2.0.1 I would create a TODO.txt file in the root of my project that I woiuld exclude from my git repo

In that file any TODO's that were not tied to a specific part of one of my code files got placed in there.

For eample:

//TODO remember to fork after finishing the refactoring in validate.php

This TODO would turn blue like all the others and show in the TODO list.

In 2.1 this is no longer the case. Like in the ticket you linked my TODO.txt TODO's are not getting any syntax highlighting, but unlike in the ticket they are not showing in the TODO list either. It does not find them inside the TODO.txt.



This will work if you change the file extension to ".php". I know it's not what you want to do, but it's a work around for now. I use this method.


Can you please file a bug report into project issue tracker?


Bug report filed.

Let me know if there is anything else you need.



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