Can't Get Expected Behavior in SVN

I have a remote repo, REMOTE, that has a TRUNK and a branch PROD.  I have a LOCAL working copy of each.

In Tortoise/SVN, I can do the following:

  1. Edit a file in LOCAL/TRUNK
  3. Commit LOCAL/TRUNK
  5. Change directory to LOCAL/PROD/my_changed_files and Merge REMOTE/TRUNK/my_changed_files into it
  6. Commit LOCAL/PROD

The key is 5. I cannot seem to achieve this behavior in phpStorm. If I know there is 1 file changed on REMOTE/TRUNK, and I go to Integrate to Branch, the first difference is that I need to name 2 URL's, one for the source and one for the target. Since I am also going to be giving the path to the working copy into which the merge should go, I assume the reason is that if I want to I can create a new working copy, but if I just want to merge A into B, the Target and Working copy should be the same?  That is what I did. I had REMOTE/TRUNK as the source, and LOCAL/PROD as the target. I did a test merge, and it always said there were no changes to merge. I went to Tortoise, and it merge the 1 change file.

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