Don't have the "extract inline CSS" option

I've seen in a few place thet when I use "open new task" I can type "extract inline CSS" and all the inline css in a file,
but it seems I don't have it, ther's nothing in "open new task".
(I triesd it on HTML and PHP files)

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Sorry, I can't understand the nature of your request.

Please elaborate. Describe what are you tried to achieve. Provide the url for "few place" mentioned.

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what he's showoing, "extract inline css", does not appear for me. I have the latet version of phpStorm.

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It is there (tested on HTML file). Consider this fragment:

    <p color: #0000ff;">padding: 12px;

If you select highlighted fragment (or at least place an curson in such place) then you will be able to see "Refactor | Exctract Inline CSS..." menu option.

To search for available actions (like that guy did, when he typed "extract") use "Search | Find Action..."


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