Space creates tag from any text in HTML

Weiredest issue! each time i hit space in HTML context i get the text before the sapce turned into tags
example: I type "bla" hit space and get "<bla></bla>"

I tried disabling Live Templates and still no change,
is it a bug or some setting?

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Hi there,

Please check File | Settings | Editor | Smart Keys --> Enable Zen Coding --> Expand abbreviation with

I'm very positive it will be "Space". If so -- change it to "Tab" or disable "Enable Zen Coding" completely.

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Working! thanx

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Andriy Bazanov thank you! I was freaking out with this.

You helped me to fix the issue ten years later. xD

In my case, the issue was the same, but the path for this option it is different.

File | Settings | Editor | Emmet | Expand abbreviation with

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Yeah, a lot has changed in the Settings for the last 10 years, Zen Coding is now Emmet (for a long time)... (❁´◡`❁)


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